Monday, August 13, 2012

The Golden Squad

Brazil named strong squad for this year`s Summer Olympic Games in London. After years of disappointments and disgrace, the South American country is aiming London Olympics as one of its priorities. In the squad you can see names as Pato (Milan), Hulk (Porto), Sandro (Tottenham), Marcelo (Real Madrid, Rafael (Manchester United), Neymar and etc. Obviously, the Brazilian federation wants to see its squad to be one of the title contenders. Surprisingly or not, the Brazilians have never won an Olympic title. This year`s tournament will be great, due to world class players willing to play in London. English squad, for example is named as one of the top favorites for the title, with players such as Beckham. The Brazilians have added Hulk to their team and it is great news for all the neutral football fans. People want to see goals and that is what Hulk gives to a soccer game. The coach Menezes said that the forward `gives strength and determination to any squad`. `Hulk is a decisive player, which is very important to our team; his experience will be a great advantage in big matches` added Menezes. Brazil left the big scene during the last big tournaments and it seems very painful for such a football-loving nation. To win a title in London will be considered as a great triumph for the Brazilians, due to their rivalry with the European soccer nations. London is anxious to see a sign of improvement after the Euro 2012 fiasco. The Brazilian squad has seemingly an easy group, facing teams like Belarus, Egypt and New Zealand. A place in the Final Four is mandatory for the Brazilian selection, and any other opportunity will be considered as a national tragedy. The London Olympics could be the great revival of `selecao` to the world football scene.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gone In 9 Seconds

The Athletic world is anxious to see the best sprinters in the London Olympics. Accidently or not, almost all of them are from Jamaica. In the recent years the athletes from the Central American country have become the focus of international attention and received a lot of praise. The best sprinters on 100m. , 200m. , and 400m. will be definitely from the Jamaican national team. Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell are pretenders for the titles in the short distances and relay. Bolt and Powell are record time holders and Blake is the new rising star of the world athletics. According to the great sprinter and titles holder on 400m. Michael Johnson, Bolt has the ability and determination to win the Olympic title with a result close to 9.4 s. Johnson said that if the Jamaican sprinter has the right day and improves his technique there will be no limits for his running. But does Blake think for such scenario? Yohan won the Jamaican Olympic qualification, defeating Bolt in his crown disciplines- 100m. and 200m. If we go back further in time, some you might remember the way Blake won the Olympic titles in Beijing. After the Bolt`s disqualification in the final race, the young sprinter took all the glory, leaving no chance for his opponents. Who will be the new fastest man on earth? We want the action and we know the leading roles. One of them is for Asafa Powell. He is one of the oldest title contenders in the short distances. If he finds his piece of mind on the Olympic Games he will be the biggest danger for his teammates and eventual opponents. The action is on its way to the public. You can hold your breath, no more than nine seconds.